Every bike needs regular maintenance to remain safe and reliable. So, whether your bike has just been liberated from the shed, or it's your trusty workhorse that accompanies you though all of London's busy roads and changeable seasons, we can find the appropriate level of service to keep your bike rolling. 



Our Tune Up service is perfect for bikes that just need a look over and small adjustments. 

What's included? 

  • Full safety check

  • Inspect and adjust brakes where necessary

  • Inspect and adjust front and rear gears where necessary 

  • Check bolts and apply correct torque 

  • Wipe down and inspect frame and forks for damage 

  • Check tyres and inflate to correct pressure  

  • Wipe down and re-lubricate chain



If you use your bike regularly, you should be getting a service every 6 months or so to ensure your bike is running as it should be. 

What's included? 
Everything in our Tune Up service plus;

  • Drive train degreased, checked and re-lubricated or replaced if necessary (chainset, chain and cassette)

  • Brakes checked for effective operation and adjusted or replaced where necessary

  • Wheels, rims and hubs checked for damage/wear and cleaned

  • Headset checked for wear/ free movement and adjusted as necessary

  • Bearings checked for wear/free movement and adjusted (where necessary)

  • Bottom bracket checked for wear and free movement



Rewind time and make your bike feel like it's brand new again. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, our overhaul service will strip your bike down and rebuild it to perfection. Whether you're looking for peace of mind before a big ride or you just want your bike at it's best this is the best option for you and your bike. 

What's included? 
Everything in our Tune Up & General Service plus; 

  • Wheels and hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected and reassembled

  • Headset removed, cleaned, regreased, refitted and replacement refitted if necessary

  • Bottom bracket removed, cleaned, regreased, refitted and replacement fitted if necessary

  • All components removed, checked for wear, cleaned and re-lubricated

  • Frame and forks cleaned

  • Threads cleaned and checked

Puncture Repair - £20

*Price incudes the cost of new inner tube*

We also fully inspect the tyre and rim tape for damage and remove any embedded debris to reduce the chance of future punctures.

If your tyre is damaged and needs to be replaced, any tyres purchased in store will be fitted at no extra cost during the puncture repair.

Hub Service - £15

Prices starting from £15. for a front

to around £35 for Sturmey Archer 3 speed hubs, parts dependant.


We are happy to work on most hubs including internal hub gears and Dutch bikes. 

Wheel True - £20

Prices from £20, cost of spokes (if required) not included.
Nothing's more annoying than a wheel that isn't straight. If your wheel is wobbling as your cycle or knocking against your pads or frame, it probably needs to be trued!
Bear in mind, not all wheels can be trued. If the warping is too extensive, it may not be possible. Drop by the shop and we can have a look at the best way to resolve it for you.

Brake Service

Single Brake - £20
Both Brakes - £35

Working brakes that you can rely on are a must on any bicycle. Over time, inner and outer cables wear, plus, the pads wear down. 
Once the pads are worn beyond use, your braking efficiency is significantly reduced and the pads can damage your rims/rotors, resulting in a higher repair bill if left! 

*Price does not include parts

Gear Service

Single Gears - £20
Both Gears - £35
If you've noticed your gears are making funny noises or aren't shifting quickly enough, this is the service for you. We are able to work on all gear types including internal hub gears.  
*Price does not include parts

Minimum Labour - £15

Minimum Labour Charge